Frequently asked Questions

Apple TV Roku Amazon Firestick Google TV/Chromecast
Yes, because these streaming devices operate over the internet, you will need some kind of internet connection to use Slidr.
Using your streaming device (Apple TV, Roku, Google TV, Firestick), search for the Slidr app, install, enter your “feed code” and you are ready to go!
You will use your streaming device remote control to operate the slides.
You can only show one slideshow per feed and one feed at a time per TV. Different TVs can use different feeds, thus showing different slideshows, at the same time.
The only streaming device that will allow you to show an embedded youtube video is AppleTV. All other devices will only show uploaded .mp4 videos.
Everything is customizable! You can create a slideshow from scratch, load a pre-made Grow Content slideshow, or edit a pre-made Grow Content slideshow to work best for you!